VLOS A - Obtain a permission to fly unmanned aircrafts within the line of sight


Permission which allows you to perform unmanned aircraft flights within the line of sight, aircraft's weight cannot exceed 5 kg.

1200.00 EUR
1 000 EUR
Product description

Training to obtain a UAVO qualification certificate with the permission to fly within the line of sight. The training is conducted on an unmanned aircraft (A) and consists of two parts:


  • the basis of aviation law: licensing rules relating to operator's certificates of competence (UAVO), air traffic rules and procedures, air traffic services and bodies, airspace classification, effects of aviation infringements;
  • man as a pilot and operator of an unmanned aircraft - possibilities and limitations; basic knowledge of human physiology and psychology and their impact on the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, the impact of diseases, hygiene, medication and psychotropic drugs on the psychophysical performance of the operator of unmanned aircraft, human factor in aviation;
  • flight rules;
  • flight safety and dangerous situations: ensuring separation from other aircraft, people, vehicles, buildings and other obstacles.
  • basic information about unmanned aircraft - how the autopilot works, the principles of battery operation, how carrier force is created and what influences its formation


  • Preparing the plane for the flight
  • takeoff and landing
  • Change of flight parameters: change of speed, altitude, change of orientation
  • Activities after landing
  • Prevention of risks in hazardous situations


  • 18 years of age
  • Valid aeronautical medical examination (necessary before the practical part of the training, after notification of participation in the training, we will send you information and instructions on how to obtain it)
  • The training price includes training materials. Prices are valid for UAVO licenses up to 5 kg. It is possible to increase the weight category to 25 kg, for this purpose, please contact the crew DRON.edu.pl


  • The cost of the training does not include the cost of aeronautical medical examination - PLN 200
  • The price of the training does not include the costs of the state examination - PLN 214
  • At the client's request, the cost of medical testing may be included in the training costs, in which case VAT will be added. 

If you are interested in training conducted on a multi-rotor, select the "VLOS" training in the "Offer" tab.


Unmanned airplanes are able to stay in the air longer than multirotors, which is why they are widely used in engineering, inspection and monitoring.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles for photogrammetry and remote sensing becomes more and more popular - that is, obtaining valuable information using image fixing tools such as cameras. Using an unmanned aircraft equipped with a camera, will get you data from which you can make an orthophotomap (like Google Maps). Such services are ordered by, for example, developers who want to show their investments to clients.

An unmanned aircraft equipped with a multispectral camera will allow you to create a map of the state of plant nutrition, i.e. the NDVI index. The map allows you to assess the health of plants, thanks to which farmers can apply a precise amount of fertilizer to the place indicated. This method saves considerable costs on fertilizers and additionally results in less groundwater pollution in groundwater.

The main advantage of unmanned aircraft is their long flight time, but they are not without drawbacks. The main disadvantage of this technology is the need to provide the right place to take off and land. Land for approach to landing for airplanes must be free from high obstacles, while a multicopter can easily be landed in built-up areas.