Upgrade your license BVLOS license to MR 25kg - Obtain a permission to pilot a multirotor weighing up to 25 kg

Upgrade your license BVLOS license to MR 25kg

This course is aimed at candidates who already possess an MR 5kg license.

600 EUR
Product description

The training allows you to perform multi-rotor flights, whose weight exceeds 5kg but is less than 25kg.

During the training you will learn what are the differences in piloting a large drone, how the increased inertia affects the control. After the theoretical introduction, you will have a number of test flights, thanks to which you will gain experience that will allow you to pilot a heavy drone safely.

It is a training for additional qualifications, the candidate may train while training for  VLOS or after obtaining the UAVO qualification certificates. 

You can also do this training after acquiring VLOS rights

  • The price includes practical training and a drone loan for a state's practical exam
  • The training is carried out on the DJI M200 drone. 
  • Training duration is 1 hour

With these powers, you gain much more opportunities. It will be able to pilot most professional drones that can carry advanced sensors. For example, you can pilot the Matrice 600 drone, the empty mass is 9 kg, you can attach up to 6 kg payload to it. An example of application is the measurement of air pollution - the topic is fashionable recently. Scentroid has released an air pollution sensor that can be easily integrated with the Matrice 600 drone. You can make air pollution maps and perform spot measurements of individual chimneys with this set.

The drone can also be used to transport items. Matrice 600 can carry a load of up to 6 kg and fly with it for 20 minutes. Such opportunities will be eagerly used by power network companies to pull the pilot line. The drone during such a task flies between the bays, a light cable is attached to it at the end of which the electric wire is attached. The task of the drone is to stretch the cable between the spans, by means of which the correct electric wire is pulled.