Upgrade form VLOS to BVLOS - Obtain a permission to fly beyond the line of sight.

Upgrade form VLOS to BVLOS

300 EUR
Product description

Theoretical and practical training to obtain a UAVO qualification certificate with the authority to perform non-sighted flights of BVLOS.


  • meteorology
  • navigation on unmanned flights
  • operational procedures
  • Flight performance and planning


  • Preparation for the flight (operational preparation, technical preparation)
  • Flight planning
  • Conducting aviation activities
  • Cooperation with other airspace users
  • Actions after flight
  • Avoiding hazzards
  • Collecting data to create an orthophotomap and point cloud


  • A valid VLOS license
  • 18 years of age
  • Valid medical certificate (the decision necessary before the practical part of the training, after notification of participation in the training, we will send you information and instructions on how to obtain it)


  • The price includes training materials.
  • Prices are valid for UAVO licenses up to 5 kg only. There is a possibility of increasing the weight category to 25 kg, for this purpose you need to purchase an MR 25 kg training.
  • The cost of the training does not include the cost of aeronautical medical examinations - PLN 200
  • The price does not include the costs of the exam and registration of new entitlements to the book - PLN 306

What is BVLOS and how can it be useful for me?

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) permissions allow you to perform flights out of sight, thanks to which the scope of operations will increase significantly - your possibilities will also increase. BVLOS flights are mainly performed in the case of projects involving significant areas such as the creation of orthophotomaps, infrastructure inventory, and monitoring of large areas. Flying BVLOS is like flying a large passenger plane, in which, according to the rules of the IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), control is based on data provided by on-board instruments. By having information transmitted via a telemetry link, the operator knows the position, altitude, speed and direction of flight as well as all relevant parameters of the aircraft. At any time, it also has the ability to change flight parameters, control sensors to collect data - if they are on board or call back to the base and landing.

Why is BVLOS training different from VLOS?

BVLOS training differs from VLOS mainly in the practical part. As far as theory is concerned, differences depend on the need to acquire knowledge of additional subjects such as: navigation on unmanned flights, meteorology, flight performance and planning, and flight rules. You can ask "Why should I learn meteorology and all these additional items?" Additional knowledge is necessary due to the additional capabilities of your unmanned system. When flying BVLOS, you can travel long distances, unmanned aerial systems for monitoring transmit a picture from 20 km and some drones for the creation of orthophotomaps fly 100 km in one flight. At such a distance, there may be changes in weather conditions, so you must know the forecast and be able to properly assess weather conditions to plan your flight correctly. Similarly, when it comes to other items - remember that in BVLOS flights you have to rely on your equipment more than VLOS flights, so during the training you get a huge amount of information that will help you understand how individual systems work, what to do when a failure occurs and how to plan your own missions.

In our training center we  offer BVLOS training for both multicopter and  the aircraft. The selected product is for multicopter training, if you want to train on airplanes, please select BVLOS A.