Product description

Start taking professional measurements with a thermal imager!

Sign up for the training and learn about the principles of operation and accuracy of thermal imaging cameras, aspects related to emissivity, reflection experiences, camera parameters and solutions for terminating tasks. You will learn about the use of thermovision in almost every branch of the economy, from the energy sector. construction industry to SAR missions.

You'll hear a lot of practical advice, supported by the instructor's experience in measuring and using thermography on an unmanned aerial vehicle at the right times.

The training was created for people who want to enter the world of thermal imaging and use it in their work.

The knowledge contained in the course will be extremely useful both for people who are starting their adventure and for those who want to systematize and expand their skills. Our course, in addition to providing basic knowledge, will explain all issues related to the operation of thermomagnetic cameras with the use of UAVs.

You will also learn about the common mistakes that are made during the measurements and the methods of their compilation or total elimination.






  • introduction to thermography
  • advantages of remote temperature measurement

Basic thermography

  • light and warm
  • thermovision measurements
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • emissivity
  • transmission medium

Construction of a thermal imaging camera

  • lens
  • filter
  • sensor resolution
  • infrared sensors
  • bolometric deductors
  • photon deductors
  • selection of a pyrometer and a camera
  • Practical service of instruments
  • knowledge of basic issues
  • preparation of equipment
  • error compensation
  • determination of the emissivity of the object
  • selection of a lens and a color palette

Practical application

  • electrical faults
  • mechanical defects
  • monitoring of manufacturing processes
  • product quality control
  • renewable energy sources
  • tremovision in construction
  • application in the service of people
  • biology
  • other uses

Thermovision classes can be used in a wide range of professions, from searching for people to detecting cracks or damage.

The knowledge gained during the training will certainly be useful in rescue excavations such as the fire brigade or in the forest district in order to monitor the game and agricultural areas. Recognize market needs and turn them into business!