Specialist photograhpy editing training for professionals and amateurs.

210 EUR
Product description

Have you ever wondered how to create unique photos using a drone? If you still do not know how to start, we will help you - come to the training, learn about shooting techniques and jump with us to a higher level of professionalism.

During the course, you'll learn how to properly expose pictures and what settings suit them. You will learn to compose an image to attract the attention of the recipient. You will learn the most important factors that help in planning flights and outdoor trips. You will hear many practical tips, supported by the instructor's experience in the field of photography technique.

The seven-hour program includes two blocks: theoretical and practical.
I. How to create professional photos using a drone
Aerial photographs are increasingly used in various industries. They show the world from a different perspective that is unusual for a human being. It is hard to imagine mass events or sports competitions without using a drone today.
The knowledge acquired during the training can be used in the broadly understood advertising and promotion as well as in the real estate industry or the construction industry. Earn money on your drone by responding to market needs.