Orthophotomaps - Use your drone to Create your own orthophotomaps

Product description

During the training you will gain basic knowledge in the field of creating orthophotomaps from data collected using an unmanned aerial vehicle. The training is designed for candidates with UAVO VLOS qualifications. The course will allow you to create important products, such as:

  • Orthophotomaps
  • DSM (Digital Surface Model) maps
  • Point Clouds along with their classification

The training consists of 2 parts:

Introduction (theory) - 3 hours - discussion of the following issues:

  • Stereoscopic vision and aerotrangulation
  • Orthorectification
  • Tools for data acquisition: load platforms, available sensors, choice of lens and camera matrix
  • Mission Planning
  • The algorithm of creating an orthophotomap

Practical part- 3 hours 

  • Creating an orthophotomap
  • Mosaic edition
  • Creating a digital model of the terrain surface

Training ends with the handing of the certificate confirming the training. The training is conducted on Pix4D software


An orthophotomap is a tool that allows you to accurately depict the surface of the earth. An orthofotmap is composed of hundreds of photos, which in combination with a georeference form a file allowing to indicate the coordinates of any given place.

The elevation map allows you to visualize the terrain. Development of elevation maps using data from the drone is much faster and more accurate method than creation of maps in the traditional way. The product can be used in the process of planning or implementing any investment, to supervise field changes, inventory of excavations and landfills.