Open A2 - International qualifications for Open A2 drones

Open A2

 Access to the e-learning platform for 12 months 
 Training materials for the open category A2 
 Theoretical exam for the open category A2
100.00 EUR
19 EUR
Product description

Theoretical training on an e-learning platform and an exam to obtain a European drone pilot competence certificate entitling to fly in sight VLOS in the OPEN A2 category throughout the European Union.

What are the permissions of the open category a2:

A2 Open Category allows operator to:

  • Perform flights with drones weighing from 500 g to 2 kg without a class assigned (as of January 10, no drone has a class) at a distance of not less than 50 m from people.

  • Apply for permission to fly in certain air zones, e.g. zones near communication (STR) and aeroclub (ATZ) airports.

  • Operate drones that are classed and weigh between 900g and 4kg.


How to get A2 Open Category permissions:

  1. purchase the theoretical exam;

  2. register at and get a free certificate for category A1 / A3;

  3. create an account on the platform and sign up for the OPEN A2 course and follow the instructions provided;

  4. submit a statement - download a template of the statement - on completion of the practical training in the self-study mode in accordance with the instructions of the Civil Aviation Authority - see the manual;

  5. choose a convenient date from our on-line booking system;

  6. pass the exam for A2 category (description below);

  7. we send the documents to the Civil Aviation Authority. After verification, ULC will add the appropriate permissions to your profile.


What's included in the course price:

  • Access to the e-learning platform for 12 months - OPEN A2 course

  • OPEN A2 theory exam

The course of the exam

Participant must have a computer connected to the Internet and a camera with a resolution allowing for the candidate's identification. To verify your identity, upload an identity document with a photo to the exam platform (only your ID card or Passport). The document must be properly prepared before presenting it - all data should be hidden, except for the name, surname and photo. The files will be deleted immediately after the exam - in accordance with the applicable GDPR policy. It is also possible to show an ID card for the camera.

The exam is a test consisting of 40 questions in the following subjects:

  • meteorology,

  • UAS in flight performance,

  • technical and operational measures to reduce the risk on the ground.

You will know the result of the exam immediately after its completion. Passing requires giving at least 75% of correct answers. You have 40 minutes to complete the test. If you fail the test, you need to re-participate in the exam and register for the next date. For one fee, you get one approach.


Why do I need A2 open category permissions

  • If you have a drone without a class (as of January 10, no drone has a class), then under the transitional provisions, permissions are required for flights with drones weighing from 500g to 2kg. The authorization allows you to fly up to 50m from people. If you have a drone: DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic zoom, DJI Phantom 3/4, Yuneek Typhoon h520, Yuneec Typhoon h3, you must have the following qualifications: A2 for PLN 30 to fly at a safe distance of 50m from people or A3 free of charge and fly at a safe distance of 150 meters from people.

  • Open category A2 qualifications are needed if in the future you will have a classed drone weighing between 900g and 4 kg. For flights with such machines, it is necessary to have A2 Open category qualifications to fly at a distance of 30m from people or 5 meters from people if the drone has a mode that slows down the flight speed to less than 3m / s.

  • A2 qualifications are required to apply for permission to fly in certain air zones, eg CTR or ATZ