NSTS-01 - Visual Line of Sight


Obtain a UAVO qualification certificate with the privileges to fly in the scope of VLOS.

New drone regulations! No Medical Tests, Exam in training center. Faster, Cheaper but still Solid!

300.00 EUR
190 EUR
Product description

Training to obtain a UAVO qualification certificate with the permission fly within the line of sight. The training is conducted on a multi-rotor (MR) and consists of two parts:


  • Principles of aviation law: licensing rules relating to the Operator's Certification Certificate (UAVO), air traffic rules and procedures, service and air traffic authorities, airspace classification, effects of aviation violation;
  • man as a pilot and operator of an unmanned aircraft - possibilities and limitations; basic knowledge of human physiology and psychology and their impact on the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, the impact of sickness, hygiene, medication and psychotropic drugs on the psychophysical performance of the operator of unmanned aircraft, human factor in aviation;
  • flight rules;
  • flight safety and dangerous situations: ensuring separation from other aircraft, people, vehicles, buildings and other obstacles.
  • basic information about unmanned aircraft - how the autopilot works, the principles of battery operation, how carrier force is created and what influences its formation


  • Preparation of the drone for the flight
  • Takeoff and landing
  • Change of flight parameters: change of speed, altitude, change of orientation
  • activities performed after landing
  • Prevention of risks in hazardous situations



  • The training price includes training materials. Prices are valid for UAVO licenses up to 5 kg. It is possible to increase the weight category to 25 kg, for this purpose, please contact the crew DRON.edu.pl 


If you are interested in training to be conducted with a plane, it will choose the "Offer" training named "VLOS A" (A - Airplane)


 VLOS license is the first step in the career of a drone operator. The drone in the hands of the operator with the certificate of qualifications becomes a tool thanks to which you can earn up to PLN 3,000 for one day of video recording. However, before you spend a few or a dozen thousand zlotys on equipment, it is worth having UAVO (Unmanned Air Vehicle Operator) training. The training consists of two parts - theoretical and practical.

The theory covers the following issues: aviation law, operational procedures, man - possibilities and limitations, flight safety basic knowledge about unmanned aircraft. During practical training you will learn how to: prepare for the mission (operationally, technically), designate the place of takeoff and landing, check the drone before the flight, plan the route and of course how to pilot the drone so that you get the best results while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Drones give a very wide spectrum of use in many industries. Starting from LIVE aerial videofilm transmission to engineering inspection works. Visual inspection of wind turbines or support structures of power lines, control of roofs of buildings or industrial halls, supervision of construction works - you can look for orders everywhere. Of course, the first step is to obtain a UAVO qualification certificate. A lot depends on the equipment you have - it's worth starting with a basic set equipped with a camera that records the image in daylight and then expanding its capabilities by adding new sensors. Before you buy equipment, you have to specify what you want to do professionally. There is absolutely no universal equipment and each task requires individual thinking about the investment you have to put in the equipment

The training is carried out on a multirotor weighing up to 4 kg. The obtained rights will allow you to fly with each category of aircraft, the only condition is the limit of the takeoff weight up to 4kg. This means that after completing the training you will be entitled to fly with Multicopter, Planes, Helicopters and helicopters, provided that their mass is less than 4kg.

Remember that flying a airplane id drastically different than flying a multi-rotor aircraft, similarly with other categories (airships and helicopters), therefore we sincerely recommend individual training for a given type of aircraft. Remember that self-study can cost you much more than the price of the course. In our center we also carry out VLOS training up to 4kg on unmanned airplanes. If you are interested in such training, find the right product and add it to the basket or contact us.

After completing VLOS training on UAV up to 4 kg, you can proceed to training on the "heavy" drone - this training is called "MR25". A heavy drone is one whose starting weight exceeds 4kg but is less than 25 kg. MR25 training extends your capabilities because after the training you will receive an appropriate entry to the UAVO certification certificate, which allows you to fly a drone with a weight of up to 25 kg for commercial purposes and in built-up areas.