INS - Permission to become a drone pilot Instructor

Product description


  • hold a qualification certificate with a valid VLOS or BVLOS entitlement
  • be over 18 years old

The training consists of 3 parts:

Theoretical training - lectures in such subjects as:

  • psychology;
  • teaching methods
  • aviation law and flight regulations
  • metodyka szkolenia;
  • organization and management of test flights;
  • radio communication
  • flight rules
  • emergency first aid
  • human possibilities and limitations
  • special cases in flight - flight safety issues

Practical training - 4 hours of training as part of ground training, 8 hours of methodical flights as part of air training

Supervised instructor practice - training 2 candidates to a level that allows them to obtain a UAVO qualification certificate with VLOS or BVLOS

Training dates are agreed individually with the client


If you have VLOS and BVLOS licenses, experience in flights and want to start a career as an instructor then report to us for instructor training. The training consists of three parts: theory, practice and supervised instructor practice.

As part of the theoretical training, you will gain the necessary pedagogical knowledge, you will learn how to conduct classes so that the knowledge you provide will stay in the minds of your students. During practical training you will learn the teaching methodology in accordance with the model training program approved by ULC. The acquired qualifications will allow you to work in one of 70 training centers in Poland or to set up your own training center for drone operators!

During the supervised instructor's training you will have the opportunity to train your first students. You will take an active part in both theoretical and practical classes. The knowledge gained during the instructor course will allow you to transfer the knowledge necessary to obtain a UAVO qualification certificate and ensure a high level of security of your classes. You will learn how to prevent emergency situations and if it happens, it's how to deal with it. Instructor entitlement is another valuable entry in your qualifications certificate, thanks to which you will gain new opportunities to make money using a drone.