FPV TRAINING - FPV training for people who want to start their adventure with FPV drones and experience fascinating donations in acrobatic and racing flights.



Come to the FPV training where, under the supervision of an instructor, you will learn to fly drones that enable you to perform exciting acrobatics as well as professional shots.

Theoretical training - 2h online distance learning training with an instructor

Practical training - 3h simulator training under the supervision of an instructor

200 EUR
Product description

FPV is an abbreviation of "first person view", which literally means first person view. This is a new type of modeling in which the pilot, while controlling the drone, has a live view from the camera located on the drone and feels as if he is sitting at the controls of this quadcopter.

During the training, you will hear a lot of practical advice on building and piloting an aerobatic drone. You will learn the possibilities of using the PFV drone and expand your piloting skills.

This type of flight allows you to precisely avoid obstacles, but also to fly where our eyesight cannot reach, e.g. inside buildings.


Theoretical training - 2h webinar

1. Introduction

An explanation of what FPV flights are
Possibilities and examples of using FPV drones
Overview of all elements of the FPV set
2. Rules for FPV flights

Discussion of limitations

3. Construction of the FPV drone

Choosing the right components
Overview of FPV kit construction
Betaflight software
Calibration of the drone with the apparatus and fpv goggles
Piding the drone

Practical training: classes on the LIFTOFF simulator

Overview and setting of the liftoff simulator
2. Learning to fly (simulator)

A straight flight
Flight at the height indicated
Ascending, descending
Coordinated turn
Quick turnaround
Quickly avoiding obstacles
Emergency procedures
Back flight
Inner loop
Outer loop
Flight in the tube
Flight between obstacles (gates)
Flight inside the building
Special acrobatics


The training is aimed at people who want to test themselves and start piloting a FPV drone.

FPV flights can be used for filming and receiving very dynamic and fascinating shots or for aerobatic and racing flights.