FILM EDITING - Professional film editing


Specialist training in editing and processing video material, addressed to both professionals and amateur filming enthusiasts

450 EUR
Product description

The training concerns film editing and processing. The training is carried out on Adobe Premiere.

Panel I. Basics of video filming.


  1. Camera construction.
  2. Image recording, matrix types.
  3. Auxiliary devices - sound and image recorders, steadicam etc.
  4. Fundamentals of filming - technical side:

Camera movement - overview.

  1. Cropping.
  2. Types of film sets.
  3. 180 degree rule.
  4. Fundamentals of filming - content: Scenario, Storyboard.
  5. Basic mistakes made by operators.

Panel II. Editing video material in the DaVinci Resolve program.

  1. Introduction to the DaVinci Resolve program.
  2. Import video and project management in DaVinci Resolve.
  3. Video editing on the timeline.
  4. Color management - toning and exposure.
  5. Sound and sound effects.
  6. Rendered video material.

Panel III. Questions and Answers - conclusion.


  1. Before training, the student should download and install the software:
  2. DaVinci Resolve program:
  3. Adobe Premiere:
  4. Students are asked to prepare a set of 3-10 video clips. The material is necessary to work with the program. Optional sources for downloading video materials are available at:
  5. Students should prepare audio material (recorded lecture commentary, sound effects). Free audio banks: