e-learning 12m - 12 months access to the e-learning platform

e-learning 12m

12 months access to the courses on the e-learning platform. Acquire knowledge, pass exams and obtain certificates and diplomas. You can choose access to the VLOS, BVLOS course, Creating orthophotos, Creating 3D models, Measuring smog from a drone and much more. Thanks to the e-learning platform you will gain access to always up-to-date knowledge, learn the interpretation of the latest aviation law.

150.00 EUR
80 EUR
Product description

Dzięki platformie e-learningowej zyskasz dostęp do zawsze aktualnej wiedzy, poznasz interpretację przepisów prawa publicznego, zobędziesz nowe kwalifikacje potwierdzone odpowiednimi certyfikatami.

The e-learning platform contains the following courses to choose:

  • Creating orthophotomaps on the Pix4d program,
  • Creating 3D models on Pix4d,
  • Thermal Camera
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Smog measurement from drone 3 hours,
  • Search and rescue drone operator