BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Product description

Theoretical training in VLOS. The training is conducted for 3 days for 8 hours - 24 hours in total with an instructor.



1. Fundamentals of aviation law: licensing provisions related to the operator's qualification certificate (UAVO), air traffic regulations and procedures, air traffic services and bodies, airspace classification, effects of violation of aviation regulations;

2. Man as a pilot and operator of an unmanned aerial vehicle - possibilities and limitations: basic knowledge of human physiology and psychology and their impact on the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, first aid principles,

3. Flight rules. You will learn where to fly a drone, how to obtain permission for flights, how to operate the PANSA UTM system.

4. Flight safety and dangerous situations. We will show you videos of accidents involving drones and discuss their causes and recommendations.

5. Basic information about the unmanned aerial vehicle - how the autopilot works, the principles of battery operation, how the lift force arises and what affects its formation, information about control applications and many other useful information,

Part of BVLOS

6. Meteorology. Construction of the atmosphere, types of fronts, methods of coding TAF, METAR messages, convection prondy, types of clouds, dangerous weather phenomena: ice, storms, wind shear

7. Navigation. Units used in air navigation, calculation of drift angles and components of flight speeds due to wind, calculation of magnetic course, geographical course, principles of navigational aids: GPS, NDB, VOR

8. Flight performance and planning: flight range, QNH QFE QNE altimeter settings, optimal speed, economic speed, stall speed, polar speed,

9. Operating procedures - discussion of the operating instructions, BVLOS flight procedures, check list



To obtain VLOS qualifications you need to buy: access to the e-learning platform and 4 hours of individual flights.


In order to obtain a certificate of completion of training and to gain theoretical knowledge in the field of VLOS, you must purchase access to the e-learning platform.


What is BVLOS and what can I do with it?

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) permissions allow you to perform flights out of sight thanks to which the range of operations carried out will significantly increase - your capabilities will also increase. BVLOS flights are mainly carried out in the case of projects involving significant areas such as the creation of orthophotomaps, infrastructure inventory, and monitoring of large areas. Flying BVLOS is like flying a large passenger plane, in which, when flying in accordance with IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), control is based on data provided by on-board instruments. The operator, having information sent via telemetry, knows the position, altitude, speed and direction of flight as well as all relevant aircraft parameters. At any time, it also has the ability to change flight parameters, control sensors to collect data - if they are on board or call the function of returning to base and landing.

Why is BVLOS training different from VLOS?

The BVLOS training differs from VLOS mainly in the practical part. As for the theory, the differences consist in the need to acquire knowledge in additional subjects such as: unmanned navigation, meteorology, flight performance and planning, and flight rules. You may ask, "Why should I study meteorology and all these additional subjects?" Additional knowledge is necessary due to the additional capabilities of your unmanned system. By flying BVLOS you can travel long distances, Unmanned systems for monitoring transmit images from 20 km and some drones to create orthophotomaps fly 100 km in one flight. At such a distance, there may be changes in weather conditions, so to plan your flight correctly, you need to know the forecast and be able to correctly assess the weather conditions. Similarly as for other items - remember that in BVLOS flights you have to rely on your equipment more than in the case of VLOS flights, so during the training you will receive a huge dose of information thanks to which you will learn how individual systems work, what to do when a failure occurs, and how to properly plan your missions.

We provide BVLOS training on both multi-rotor and airplanes. The selected product relates to training on multi-rotors, if you want to train on airplanes, choose BVLOS A (A for Airplane) training.