Aviation English ICAO 32 hours - Aviation English

Aviation English ICAO 32 hours

ICAO Aviation English course to obtain international ICAO level 4,5,6. The course lasts 32 hours and lasts 4 days. The course is run by an air traffic controller.

400 EUR
Product description

Get the skills to communicate fluently in English. The course is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the ICAO International Aviation Organization. The course is conducted from the MACMILAN textbook. The course is run by a licensed and active ATC air controller.

English is the primary language in the aviation industry. The skills acquired during the course will allow you to communicate fluently around the world with: FIS (Flight Information Service) processors, ATC air traffic controllers, flight mechanics, aviation safety management services, meteorological services and representatives of other companies from the aviation industry. Classes are conducted in the same scope as for pilots of manned aircraft, therefore we also invite pilots of planes, helicopters and gliders. Thematic scope:

  1. Dangerous situations
  2. Navigation and loss of orientation
  3. Technology
  4. Animals
  5. Aviation Physics
  6. Man and his possibilities
  7. Failures
  8. Meteorology
  9. Take-off and landing procedures
  10. Fuel and drives
  11. Pressure
  12. Protection and ground safety

People who have WDPO licenses can take advantage of a 40% discount. In order to take advantage of the discounts, please send your name and WDPO license number to kontakt@dron.edu.pl

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