3D model - Use your drone to create your own 3D models

Product description

The training allows you to make 3D models from data collected, among others by a multi-rotor or unmanned aircraft. The generated models can be used by Architects, Archaeologists, Computer Game Developers, Civil Engineers, Public Space Development Planners. The training is dedicated to both people with and without a Qualification Certificate. Start your adventure with 3D modeling.



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The "3D models" training lasts one day and consists of the following parts:

Theoretical preparation:

  • The principle of the software for creating spatial models from flat photos
  • Methods of flying, NADIR and OBLIQUE flights
  • Familiarization with Pix4D software

Practical training:

  • Creating your own 3d model from drone photos,
  • Generating point clouds, tying characteristic points,
  • Creating a facade model and a textured mesh model,
  • Creating 3D animated film - virtual flight,
  • Model export to browser,
  • Creating a virtual walk
  • Classes end with handing out a certificate confirming the training. The training is conducted on Pix4D software.


A laptop is an essential work tool during training. Please take the equipment and download the trial (15-day) version of the software on which you will work. The necessary information will be sent to you in the organizational information.


During the training you will learn how to make a three-dimensional object model with texture, all using advanced Pix4D software and data provided from the drone.

The model can be used to create a virtual walk, develop a CAD model or create a computer game. You will learn the methods of making a flight so as to optimize the time needed to process data while maintaining high quality.

Height models allow to estimate the elevation of each fixed object. Proper preparation for the task allows you to develop a model with an accuracy of up to 2cm / pix, thanks to which they become a useful tool for land surveyors, spatial planning designers and a number of other applications.