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This is where professionalism begins


 In our center you will gain knowledge and skills in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes. We conduct training for state entitlements and specialist training. We also organize state exams, help in completing formulas, we sell liability insurance for drones. If you want to start a career as drone operator or if you want to improve your qualifications, you've come to the right place.

The certificate of qualification is a document which authorizes you to perform non-sport or recreational flights. This means that it is nasessary in order to perform commercial flights such as aerial photo or video surveying, inspection  services, etc. The UAVO course covers practical reaining as well as theoretical training in subjects as: Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Human Factors, construction and operation of a drone.

Note that using a drone to perform an action while unqualified to do so threatens up to 5 years in prison! During the training you will also learn how to perform specialist services such as: monitoring of power grids, inspection of wind farms, calculation of NDVI indices - plant vitality, surveying flights for orthophotomaps and DSM / DTM, creation of three-dimensional models. Sign up for training and become a professional. The training center is entered into the register of training entities of the Civil Aviation Office at No. 194RPS-07/2016. The training center is entered into the Register of Training Institutions under No. 2.24 / 00319/2016 - it allows for training for public funds for the unemployed and jobseekers.